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Ranzal launches the first of our Performance Analysis Tools: Phoenix

So, you’ve got this great Endeca Commerce implementation powering your online sales  and delivering a world-class experience to your customers.  Or you’ve got a terrific Data Discovery application built on the Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (OEID, for short) platform and it’s enabling your users to unlock all kinds of value from your structured and unstructured data.  Things are humming along and life is grand.  However, one day, you decide to implement some changes.  Maybe you’re rolling out a second business release or a whole new set of data sources or products.  Maybe you’re enabling record-level-security.  Post-rollout, you start to get the dreaded emails from your users:

Debugging Discovery Framework / Oracle Endeca Studio in Eclipse

Debugging, Endeca, Tips And Tricks

Most, if not all, implementations of Oracle's Endeca Discovery platform have some kind of custom portlet or supported extension that assists your users in the Discovery process.  Maybe you have a custom security manager that integrates a user's LDAP groups at query time to restrict access to certain records.  Or maybe a custom charting portlet to include a chart type that you don't get from the base software.

When your system goes live, you (typically) get all the source code for your customizations and you can maintain, modify and improve your component going forward.

That's great but a custom portlet can be an extremely complex piece of code that can be difficult for even the most seasoned Java developer to pick up, dust off and improve.  At Ranzal, we find it incredibly valuable to be able to "step through" the code and understand what exactly is going on before we go off and make changes or upgrades.  So, here's a primer on how we set up our local Eclipse instance in debug mode to enable this process:

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