Bringing Data Discovery To Hadoop - Part 1

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We have been anticipating the intersection of big data with data discovery for quite some time. What exactly that will look like in the coming years is still up for debate, but we think Oracle's new Big Data Discovery application provides a window into what true discovery on Hadoop might entail.

Data Discovery In Healthcare -- 2nd Installment

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Check out how our customer's clinical researchers use the solution....

Data Discovery In Healthcare -- 1st Installment

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Interested to understand how cutting edge healthcare providers are turning to data discovery solutions to unlock the insights in their medical records?  Check out this real-world demonstration of what a recent Ranzal customer is doing to unlock a 360 degree view of their clinical outcomes leveraging all of their EMR data -- both the structured and unstructured information.

Fun with Shapefiles: The Two Utahs

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A little midweek enjoyment, courtesy of our Advanced Visualization Framework.  Below, you can see a county-by-county map of Utah and all of its Oil and Gas Fields.

Tag 100 Times Faster -- Introducing Branchbird's Fast Text Tagger

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Text Tagging is the process of using a list of keywords to search and annotate unstructured data. This capability is frequently required by Ranzal customers, most notably in the healthcare industry.

Build an Oracle Endeca Donut Chart In 15 Minutes

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We put together a quick demo of how to use our Advanced Visualization Framework to be more productive.  In this installment, we go "from zero to Donut Chart" in 15 minutes (really, 13 minutes).

Advanced Visualizations on Oracle Endeca 3.1

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Ranzal is pleased to announce that our Advanced Visualization Framework is now generally available.  Spend more time discovering, less time coding.

The calendar has turned, the air is frozen and, with a new year, comes the annual deluge of "predictions and trends" articles for 2014.  Spoiler Alert: Hadoop isn't going away and data, and what you do with it, is everything right now.

Maybe you've seen some of these articles but one in particular, Forbes' "Top Four Big Data Trends", and more specifically, one section caught our eye.  It's simple, it's casual (possibly too much so), but it really resonates:

"Visualization allows people who are not analytics gurus to get insights out of complex stuff in a way they can absorb.”

At Ranzal, we believe the goal of Business Intelligence and Data Discovery is to democratize the discovery process and allow anyone who can read a chart to understand their data.  It's not about the fancy query or the massive map/reduce, it's what you do with it.

The Feature List : Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 3.1

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As promised last week, we've been compiling a list of all the new features that were added as part of the Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (OEID) 3.1 release earlier this month.

If we've missed anything, please shoot us an email and we'll update the post.

OEID Integrator v3.1

The gang at Javlin has implemented some major updates in the past 6 months, especially around big data.  The OEID Integrator releases, obviously, lag a bit behind their corresponding CloverETL release but there's still a lot to get excited about from both a CloverETL and "pure OEID" standpoint:

  • Base CloverETL version upgraded from 3.3 to 3.4 - full details here
  • HadoopReader / HadoopWriter components
  • Job Control component for executing MapReduce jobs
  • Integrated Hive JDBC connection
  • Language Detection component!

The big takeaway here is the work that the Javlin team has done in terms of integrating their product more closely with the "Big Data" ecosystem.  Endeca has always been a great complementary fit with sophisticated data architectures based on Hadoop and these enhancements will only make it easier.

Keeping with our obsession of giving some time to the small wins that add big gains, I really like the quick win with the Language Detection component.  This is something that had been around "forever" in the old Endeca world of Forge and Dgidx but was rarely used or understood.  It is nice to see the return of this functionality as it will play a huge role in multi-lingual/multi-national organizations, especially those with a lot of unstructured data.  Think about a European bank with a large presence in multiple countries trying to hear the "Voice of the Customer".  Having the ability to navigate, filter and summarize based on a customer's native language gets so much easier.

OEID Web Acquisition Toolkit (aka KAPOW!)

Adventures in Installing - Oracle Endeca 3.1 Integrator

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The newest version of Oracle's Endeca Information Discovery (OEID v3.1), Oracle's data discovery platform, was released yesterday morning.  We'll have a lot to say about the release, the features, and what an upgrade looks like in the coming weeks (for the curious, Oracle's official press release is here) but top of our minds right now is: "How do I get this installed and up and running?"

Data Discovery In Healthcare

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A few days ago, QlikTech and Epic announced a technology partnership that will strengthen the integration between their software products as well as provide a forum for their joint customers to share best practices and innovative ways to use both technologies.

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