The Goal: Using Theory of Constraints (TOC) to optimize EPM project delivery

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Used in thousands of companies and taught in hundreds of business schools, The GOAL by Eliyah Goldratt is one of the most influential novels within operations management. Set in a manufacturing environment, the book describes a systematic approach to running and improving an organization. Yet, the concepts described are not unique to the Manufacturing industry.

Structuring Flexibility in Your EPM Project: A Guide for Maximizing Project Value

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The goal of Enterprise Performance Management (“EPM”) software is to drive profitable growth by delivering predictable results, improving transparency and compliance, and increasing business alignment. However, the competitive environment is hardly predictable and business objectives change based on environmental feedback. As projects are typically linked to business objectives, functional requirements and needs may change even during the project implementation cycle. If business alignment is a primary objective, then the software must be adaptive enough to accommodate the changes in order to maximize value.

The Workflow Revolution - Changes to Financial Reporting

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Thomas Friedman first talked about how globalization impacts business life in The World is Flat.  In this book, he describes the ‘flattening of the world’ as the idea that workers from around the globe could collaborate and work across systems and wide spans of geography.  One specific part of this flattening is a change he refers to as the “quiet revolution in software, transmission protocols” that he calls "the 'workflow revolution' because of how it made everyone’s computer and software interoperable.”

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Edgewater Ranzal is an integrated Business Analytics solution provider deeply rooted in Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). Coupled with our Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data (BD) expertise, we provide holistic solutions that help organizations define, measure, and innovate their business, provide a clear vision, and drive business value.

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